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and maybe the nsa was spending money. we know 14.7 billion going to the cia every year.
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of the week, the nsa revealed that its officers occasionally use the eavesdropping capabilities to spy on their love interest. yes, instead of national security they were checking on their lover's purity. one official tells the "wall street journal" that love cases make up most of the misconduct and there are only a few handful of cases over the past decade and result in administrative action or firing. meanwhile in an example of the nsa doing its job, the german magazine which is german for der-spiegel reports that the agencyien scripts the video conferencing system allowing it to have data from the new york-u.n headquarters. here is one of the videos secretly taken from inside the u.n. >> time for your snacks. there is one. you are going for three. >> he is going for three you animal cruelty person. >> that was the king of belgium. he abdocated not long after the video. >> since you started talking i will go to you. go ahead and bash the men and women who keep us safe via the nsa because keep in mind that mike baker could kill you using nothing but his left ear jie. and a cheese puff
: it is not just the nsa giving the creeps, it is the creeps at the irs giving americans a bigger case of the creeps. you are so out of your mind area did next. neil: what is that i keep telling you about the best defense is always an even better offense. belittled and badgered still coming out at it tooth and nail continuing their harassment of tea party groups on invaded. still pestering, still intimidating. still fuming. far from slowing down as you predicted and as you and your colleagues experienced, still unbowed are. >> they have gotten a bit greedy. they did effectively unde undere the efficacy of these groups at the election. the activism was somewhat oppressed by the fact they couldn't deal with the irs, they were afraid. even quoted in the "wall street journal" saying she would go places and there would be empty chairs and everybody questioning whether the tea party was agood label anymore. but this has backfired on the irs because now at the tea party patriots, their donationare tripled, the staff has doubled because people are seeing this not as a conservative versus liber
: it isot just the nsa giving the creeps, it is the creeps at the irs giving americans a bigger case of the creeps. you are so out of your mind area did next. when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals: help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. 've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, whe experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our coitment has never been stronger. neil: what is that i keep telling you about the best defense is always an even better offense. belittled and badgered still coming out at it tooth and nail continuing their harassment of tea party groups on invaded. still pestering, still intimidating. still fuming. far from slowing down as you predicted and as you and your colleagues experienced, still unbowed are. >> they have gotten a bit greedy. they did effectively unde u
disclosed by nsa leaker edward snowden show a massive amount of money set aside for u.s. spying operations outside the cia or the nsa. amen jaifers joins us with me. sounds like a spy novel. >> absolutely. this is one of the most grossly held secrets of the intelligence, how much does it spend on the things that it does, how many employees does the united states intelligence community actually have? they want to keep that secret. thanks to this leak from edward snowd snowden, "the washington post" broke a blockbuster story and detailed for the first time what exactly is in the budget for the intelligence committee, including more than 21,000 employees at the cia. the first time we've seen this level. >> very fascinating reading that story. i know you looked over it. what stood out most for you? what do we know now more than before? >> in this era of drone warfare around the world, the cia reporting a 14.7 billion-dollar budget, that makes it the biggest component for a long time folks thought maybe the cia was no longer the dominant player in u.s. intelligence, maybe the national spashl in
wonderful nsa state? >> i would second anthony's judgment that i believe what's then revealed recently truly is unprecedented. the power of the government with the current technology to know where we are into a very high degree what we were doing every single minute of the day it would have been ridiculous for any novelist to embrace. >> it's not simply a reality but it is one that grows steadily worse. there is now a huge industry valued at something in the neighborhood of 80 to $100 billion annually. we don't really know. the people in the industry which involves hundreds of thousands of perhaps even millions of employees and i.t. companies are working full-time to intensify all of the techniques developed to know even more about everyone of us and everyone else on the are at that they can know about. and with the modern technology most people are in line to be watched with a degree of scrutiny that no one dreamed of until quite recently. so what you might say. many americans are saying so what. i don't care. that i would say is an extraordinarily stupid attitude to take. the fact that you
apparently are supportive of some action at this point, but if you recall, the nsa funding vote, do you remember the justin conners vote a couple weeks ago where they came close to passing a bill that would be taking money away on the nsa surveillance, and it was a phreut on both parties on the bill, and very narrowly it got defeated. that's a way to look at how the vote on syria will go. you will see the republicans and the liberal wing of the democratic party, and the isolationist wing of the republican party, they were on the losing side, but boy did they come close and they got 200 plus votes. >> chuck, it would seem to me that this is not just going to be a vote on military action in syria. this is in a lot of ways going to be a vote on america's role in the world moving forward. no? >> that's right. should america play the world's police officer, right? are we the ones in charge of deciding when an international law is broken, like assad did with the chemical weapons, since there is no other country willing to step up, is this the role of the united states? it's the role the unite
. >> it concerns me. here is the thing. it's already the nsa, we're so paranoid and skeptical and reasonably skeptical about the access the government has in general. now they're profiting off of it? c'mon, that is ridiculous. if anyone is going to profit off of the sale of my private and personal information, shouldn't it be me? >> eric: i won't touch it. let me go to wayne. there is no way out of the programs. there is no way to check a box and say don't sell my driving record or my health history to anybody. >> i'm just laughing, i am thinking who in the world is interested in all this stuff? why is anyone interested in my private information or jonathan or yours or anybody else's. it's just nuts. the problem is this is a violation of the constitution. they are digging in to everything they can. they don't have the right to do it. nobody stops them. the supreme court doesn't say anything. congress god forbid doesn't say anything. politicians on the take, they never say anything. that is what is wrong with it. >> at least -- >> eric: hold on -- >> at least, i want to say with a private com
.s. intervention in syria and the nsa data collection program. we'll hear from gordon adams at american university. about the latest developments in syria and the likelihood of u.s. military intervention. then a look at chemical and biological warfare including when and how they have been used with amy smithson. all that plus your calls and e- ,"ils on "washington journal here on c-span. several types of bullying that the left love to engage in. .ne is racial bullying their philosophy is based almost solely and completely at this point on the idea that they stand up or victimize groups. everything they do is to stand up on behalf of some minority -- blacks only gays, women, jews. what that means is we oppose the policies, by necessity the logic is we hate black, gays, women, jews. but the editor at large been shaken -- ben shapiro is our >> biographer kitty kelley on december 3. on january 5, mark litan. but tv's book club returns in september with our cleat of 'sich -- mark leibovitz "this town." >> we picture june cleaver with a vacuum cleaner, frying bacon for breakfast.
, they have to talk about the deficit. they've got to talk about changing laws for the nsa and so on. a lot on their plates and now syria for the month of september. before i let you know, general, senator johnny isakson, a republican in georgia said this -- if we fail to take action against syria for his horrendous act then we are sending a signal to syria as well as to iran and north korea that they are accountable to no one. your thoughts? >> well, i got that, but if we're going to be hesitant, if the response is going to be a pinpick, if the syrians come back to this with assad in a stronger position, particularly in the eyes of his regional neighbors, if the syrian army and air force is not really damaged, and immediately starts, restarts the war and starts killing civilians at a higher rate, then the rest of the world is going to look at us and say, okay, america. what do you do next? and if we hesitate a second time, the net result of all of this may be worse than simply doing nothing, harris. >> general scales. a pleasure to you have this evening in pe spe evening. your perspective
a quick bra break here and talk about a love/hate relationship, the forbes gang uncovering what nsa workers are doing to the ones they presumably love the most. may be proving no one's private information is save. that's coming up at the top of the hour. up next, maybe the government's healthy school lunch program is helping kids lose weight. ♪ food glorious food amican express credit card, every purchase earns you 2% cash back, which is deposited in your fidelity account. is that it? actually... there's no annual fee and no limits on rewards. and with the fidelity cash management account debit card, you get reimbursed for all atm fees. is that it? oh, this guy, too. turn more of the money you spend into money you invest. it's everyday reinvesting for your personal economy. school lunch plan is eating up a lot of tax dollars. there's only one problem, more kids are not eating it. take a wild guess who is still take a wild guess who is still ♪ ♪ >> neil: well, your food and your money. school district in north texas dropping out of the government's healthy lunch program. a lot
thousands of those secret nsa documents were only being protected by a he is poof paper. british police seized computers holding documents earlier this month the handler kept the password in his pocket. meanwhile, another thrill kill. police say a florida teenager stabbed a man to death because he quote had a hard day. 16-year-old michael king just arrested for the january murder. police say 22-year-old jason hall was riding his bike home from work when king pulled out a military style knife stabbing him several times. police say he wanted to ill county first person he had saw because he had gotten into an argument with his parents. the teenager is now facing first degree murder charges. well, the young british tourist run down by an out-of-control new york taxi has now been upgraded fair condition. green will remain in intensive care. 23-year-old left her left leg after the cab jumped the curb and slammed into her. the cab driver has not been charged at this time. mike, you are going to tell us about sports? >> mike: banks dream of playing in the envelope has hit a snag. that's because
host issues, whether it be the nsa surveillance program, immigration, domestic issues, whether to shut down the government over the president's healthcare plan, which largely goes into effect on october 1st. so perhaps this is -- and it certainly has been in the past. i don't know if it is in this case. perhaps this is part of the white house calculation. and as david very astutely pointed out a little while ago, if the white house were to quote, unquote win this debate, and get this authorization in congress, it would certainly weaken republicans and strengthen the president's hand. you hate to think that cynically when we are talking about issues like that but this is washington after all. we all have been doing this for quite some time. it's not surprising. >> so if you just joining united states, let me recap. we can take a quick break and pick it up on the other side of the break. basically, the president did make a statement in the rose garden about -- about a half hour ago, surprising many people saying that he will seek authorization from congress for military strikes in syria
because the united states especially in recent months with the nsa scandal and what not did lose a lot of -- a lot of its credibility. so putin can continue to push that message. >> saying it's all talk but why is putin speaking now? >> well, i mean he's speaking now because it has been a week since -- or 10 days since the -- since the strike, the chemical strike, and putin has been sort of speaking here and there in one sentence or less and also his foreign ministry has been speaking quite a bit. so there has been a lot of conversation going on. and so there was speaking in the far east right now. >> russia and iran have warned a u.s. attack could have catastrophic repercussions in the region. what do you think that means? >> well, i think what putin, i think what he means is that at the has little to lose or assad has little to lose, listen 100,000 people died. if it is true he is the one who used chemical weapons, he can do it again and if he does have nothing to lose, then, he -- the cat two astromh can be more neeta kruschavev, appreciate your time. >> thank you british lawmakers
of the government's top secret agency, the nsa, the national security agency which is a number of times larger than the cia, whistle blowers like william and others who joined the nsa. the national security agency they were deeply concerned about national security and wanted to serve their country and started to speak out about what was doing after they tried the channel within the agency. deeply cell phoned about -- concerned about, for example, surveillance of american. they were finding programs were developed to not improve national security but data mine americans. as they spoke out, one by one the prosecution or persecution in the case of william. authorities raided his house, had him at gunpoint. he was a diabetic am pee too. they were charged. under the obama administration, there have been more whistle blowers charged than in all past presidential administrations combined. it's a very serious issue. which brings us to the case of bradley manning. the young soldier who went to iraq and now plead guilty to having released hundreds of thousand of not millions of pages of documents to wicky le
? host: how much does it affect the economy and specifically the budget and things like that? nsa the republicans see it -- the republicans see it as the government getting involved in private enterprise. the white house says it has been ruled constitutional, let's move on. this is one of those things where it is hard to see either side giving an inch, which is why it is a tossup. host: and they want to the funds -- defund it. guest: it is a vocal minority. are they going to get mainstream republicans to agree to the defund clause. if they do, there will be a real slugfest in the senate. host: this is roberts on the thependent -- robert on independent line. caller: i want to talk about social security. social security and medicare do not come out of taxes. basically, social security is not 25% of the budget. the budget is 16 trillion dollars -- $16 trillion. homeomes out of your take- pay. you pay that like you pay your water bill in your groceries. it is not a tax. it is a fee. it is like going to the theater and buying a ticket. host: what is your question? is not my
, the resolutions and the debt ceiling and the snooping by the nsa, this is something that has to be done by the end of the year so that a revised and constitutional voting rights act is in place before the 2014 election season both primaries and general elections start to run. we have job number one that is before us. i know we are all here for job number one. it is not going to be easy but when we are all together, we shall overcome. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. our next speaker really does not need an introduction. i would like to say special remarks about our distinguished chairman, reince priebus. in march, we released the growth and opportunity project and it is a 100 page document. under his leadership, we will be engaging minority communities for the first time, we will be going to communities and being there three years before any election. reince priebus believes that every vote counts and i am so honored and so blessed to have the opportunity to work under him. please welcome reince priebus. >> thank you to you all and to crystal and what a great job she has done. jim sensenbrenner
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)